Sunday, October 2, 2011


Another birthday here again!! I can't believe it is my oldest who is turning 9!! That is just crazy--not sure where that time went!
Of course, we wouldn't expect anything but donuts for the big birthday breakfast!!
Another big surprise---a pet!!
Drake is my hugger!! Everytime he sees someone he hasn't seen in a while--he is always the first one to give them a big hug!! What a sweetheart!! He really does have a heart of gold!
And look--he's even giving his pesty little brother a hug too--we caught it on camera! They really do love each other!!

His sister gave him a "bee"pillowpet(remember the crazy bee obsession he has--perfect for him!!!) , so that deserved a big squeeze as well!
Then for the PARTY at jumpstreet!
Jumpin in the big foam pit--great for all ages!!

Brigg mostly spent his time crawling around the tramps chasing balls!!
getting ready for some Laser game
Happy Birthday Drake(BIG D)!!! I LOVE YOU!!

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