Monday, October 3, 2011

FIVE years

My little girl is 5, yep that means kindergarten is coming-and boy is she excited!! Charly sure is growing up! She is such a little sweetheart! Definitely a Daddy's girl when she wants to be, but most of all she's my girl!! My only one for that matter, I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to raise a special little girl. My Mom always told me that she hoped I will have a little girl just like myself and I think I did! Paybacks!! What do you expect--she's got to protect herself from all those brothers!! She definitely has her loud, dramatic, girl moments, but for the most part makes us laugh and smile all the time!! She is constantly asking us for a little sister--she thinks they'll play a lot nicer than her brothers--especially her baby brother who is constantly hitting her, pulling her hair and pinching her whenever he gets a chance! She is a survivor!! Amidst all her sassiness, I love that beautiful big smile, it sure brightens my day(even if it is at 7:30 am)!!
I love you Charly!!!

This is her barbie--"Tangled"--I think she is finally convinced that her "name" is Rapunzel. For the longest time she tried to convince me that her name is Tangled--so funny!!
So stubborn- those girls!! She is now trying to grow her hair as long as "Tangled"--we'll see how that goes.

Swim Party
The perks about July birthdays is nice hot weather! Thanks to Aunt Stacey who let us use her pool, we had a great pool party with a bunch of cute little girls!

Soakin in the Sun!

She got her white puppy that she's just been dreaming of forever!!

Charly and her beautiful cousin, Taylor!

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Shirlene said...

I'm so glad you have such a cute little girl!! She is a doll!
Love you all!!