Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday To CHARLY!

Annual Birthday breakfast!!  My little girl is 6 years old!!  What a sweetheart she is.  She sure is growing up!  I can't say how much I enjoy having this little woman around the house!!  She is such a help with Brigg(even after she gets hit and her hair pulled all the time) she is still so sweet to him.  She is always helping me straighten up and is always full of smiles!!  I love my sweet little Charly!!
 A full size kitchen...every girls dream--right?  Startin her young:)

She had a little party with mostly cousins and a couple best friends.  She decided to go to a "salon" and get pedicures.  The ladies in the salon even commented on how well behaved all these little girls were!  they were so impressed!  

On to the Garlic knot for a little pizza, presents and cake

GIRL hug..

I've been promising Charly a little girl date to the AG (american girl) doll store forever.  She is always a trooper in supporting her brothers sports whether she likes it or not, so we finally got to go have girl time and get her dolls hair done at the AG salon.  

We had a little buddy that joined us, but he's just like one of us girls too. 
 Brigg is always a good tag a long:)

Elizabeth, just stepped out of the salon.  Such pretty girls..
Happy 6th Birthday Charly!!

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Shirlene said...

A special birthday for a special little girl!!