Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lake Powell '12

There's always some sort of adventure when it comes to Lake Powell!!  It wouldn't be a Lake Powell trip without something going wrong.  Just a few hiccups along the way.  On our way to lake Powell, our car decides to quit driving fast.  All of a sudden we could only go like 40 miles an hour.  That doesn't cut it when you're climbing up Eisenhower pulling a boat.  Luckily within minutes of calling for help, a tow truck was there to tow not only our car, but hooked us up with our boat too.  What a lifesaver.  We all crammed in with the Cartwrights, who were caravanning with us there and made it to Silverthorne where there was a dealership that could fix our problem.  It couldn't be fixed right away, so we had Garrett( who was coming a little later) go and pick up Mike's car and drive that instead.  We hooked our boat up to Stacey's SUV and we were good to go.  Just a little detour in the trip.  Only set us back about 5-6 hours.  Not too bad!

"What do we do now???"

OK, so we did have one more little hiccup.  Poor Logan, was doing a little fishing and somehow caught herself with the hook instead of the fish.--YYYOUUUCCCHH!!!
Lets just say it took a lot of tugging and pulling and crying, and a few prayers and a priesthood blessing before that thing finally came out.  It looked like it was very Painful!!
She is a tough cookie!!

 Leighton and Mike cheesin it :)

We were so excited this year to have Natalie, Tyler, Halle, and Luke come with us!!
Drake was not excited at all to hang with Tyler!!
They are only Best Buds!!  I think they had some fun!!

Great group of cousins, and then some!

Lake powell wouldn't be Lake Powell without cliff jumping!
There goes Drake....

 Wesley with sweet little Jace

One of the best things about Lake Powell as I get older and have my own kids there is seeing them figure it out and learn to do hard things on the water!!  It is such an awesome thing to watch your kids learn a new sport and get excited about it and feel like they've accomplished something great!!  
This is Charly up on a wakeboard for her first time!!  She rocked it!!

 Captain Jace!

 Nikson, the Aborigine

Just fishin out the side of the boat!

Nat and Mike

One of the other great things about Powell is you are tuckered out by the end of the day!!  
I'd say she's a little exhausted!!

Tessa and Charly in their new home-made shirts
(Thanks to Aunt Jaclyn)

And Lake Powell wouldn't be Lake Powell to Drake 
without catching at least 5 lizards a day!!

The Gang

And there's always time for a nap "anywhere"
(Mike was having a few neck and back issues this trip-
-he didn't even do one thing behind the boat--poor guy!!)

until next time....

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