Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love my SISTERS!!

So here's to our Bi-annual Sisters Trip.  There is not a lot of things I look forward to more than this trip!  I love spending time with my Family, they are the world to me and there is just something special about sisters!!  This year was spent in CA at my sister's Melinda and Staci's house.  We were missing my sister Holly and sister-in-law's, Tina, Emily and Kristen!

Of course we always have to get a little crafty if Carrie is around.  
Here we are making CARDS.

We were lucky to see my Aunt Loralee, and cousin Sheryl who live just a little ways away from Melinda.  It was so nice to catch up with them for a bit.

And of course we got a little bored in the car, so we thought we'd try to see what it's like to be models.  Here is our pathetic try to "strike a pose" (Carrie and Melinda were in the front rolling there eyes at there "little sisters)

Just relaxing in the hot tub

My kids made me the cutest Welcome Home sign when I returned!!  
Back to Life, Back to Reality!!

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