Monday, July 22, 2013

A joyous Reunion!!

The much awaited Return of Elder and Sister Jones finally arrived!!! They returned from an 18 month mission for our church in Fresno, CA in Jan 2013!! We were all so excited to see Pam and Wes again!!  And also very excited to show them our huge surprise--Pam's remodeled kitchen!

My kids made Pam and Wes a banner to welcome them home and run through as they walked into their "new" house.

Pam's facial expressions as she walked in and saw her kitchen were absolutely priceless!!
She was Shocked! 

A big thanks to Mike and Garrett who put a lot of time, money, and preparation to get this project finished in time!  We worked up til the last minute we could.  Workers were at their house the night before they arrived until midnight and even into the next day:)
It all came together perfect and they were very happy!!
We love you Pam and Wes and are so proud of the amazing missionaries you were!!

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