Monday, July 22, 2013

Down on the range!

Our good friends the Cartwrights surprised us for Lauren's b-day.  They picked us up in their pink limo, drove us to Cafe Rio, and then comes the biggest surprise of all---the shooting range!!  What???  Crazy!  
I have never held a real gun in my life, so to actually shoot one was a little surreal!  We were definitely amateurs, but Mike seemed to like it a little too much! I personally hated the feeling when the gun fired!!  A little to freaky for me!

He we are all geared up and ready to go!!  Don't we look totally official!!

This is what happens when we're amateurs and have no idea what they're doing!!  Basically Garrett was just brain dead and is a total Moron!!  It looks a lot worse than it is!

Stacey was actually very good at it and was right on target!!
What a natural!

This is much more official--We look super tough! haha--especially in our boots!
It was fun while it lasted and a pretty crazy experience---
but I have to say--One I don't ever wish to do again!!!
Thanks Cartwrights for a great night!!
Happy Birthday sweet Lauren!

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