Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Party!

We had Aunt Melinda here with us to carve pumpkins. She was a great help especially with Charly's kitty pumpkin. I forget how cool it is to see the pumpkin all finished. I forgot that I was actually pretty good at it--especially with Wesley's help--he picked out a pretty cool dragon. Drake picked a scary spider with Dad's help and Charly picked the kitty in the tree. They didn't even seem to care about how gross the insides were, Charly was even getting in there with her bare hands.

After we were all done Charly shouts "this is going to look so cute and awesome!"

Bring on the trick or treaters!!


Emily said...

those pumpkins are awesome! We always just do the old carve a face thing... we will have to start doing those fancy jobs, looks like fun and how wonderful to have Melinda there too!

Shirlene said...

What neat pumpkins you guys made!! They are great. It is fun to see your pictures.