Thursday, October 29, 2009

Weekend Getaway!!

Mike and I enjoyed one of the greatest weekends we've had in a long time. As most of you football fans know, the Broncos are suprising us all this year. They are undefeated! A couple weeks ago, they had won their 5th straight game and right after the announcement came on that the next game would be on a Monday night in San Diego. So kind of for a joke, but kind of serious too, I said to Mike, " We should totally go, it's Monday night and it's in San Diego." Suprisingly he didn't turn me down right then. He was actually really thinking about it. So he kept thinking about it and tried to arrange some things at work to see if it might even be possible. We figured we could get somebody to have our kids since it would be so quick of a trip, so we were getting serious about it. The plan was to leave Mon. morning--go to the game that night --and fly back early Tues. morning--easy enough--right? Well of course while Mike is looking into everything, realizes that BYU just happens to be playing San Diego the Sat. before in San Diego. And to make things even more interesting, my sister, Carrie was there that weekend on a vacation with her little family. So really why wouldn't we go- right? Well those other 2 incentives definitely helped our decision. Next thing we knew we were headed to California! We had such a great time. Saturday we walked around Old Town, went to the BYU game(which you would have felt like you were in Provo--there were so many BYU fans--it was great! The San Diego fans were so mad they lost), went to dinner with Carrie and family. Sunday we went to church, drove by the most beautiful Temple I've ever seen, and then met up with Mike's old missionary companion, Justin Schmidt and his wife, and went to one of the best pizza joints down in Laguna Beach. Monday, we picked up our good friend, Rich, and did a little shopping--ate lunch at the Hash House(highly recommended if you're really hungry--but don't go if your not)-toured some of San Diego's Harbor with all there aircraft carriers(Mike couldn't resist)-then made our way to the big game!!! Let's just say it wasn't a good weekend for San Diego and football. And the Broncos are now 6-0!!!!!


Brecken said...

You've been having some fun!! Glad you guys got to go away for the weekend. You are looking so cute and pregnant! Hope you're feeling well.

Shirlene said...

You guys had a fun weekend. Glad it all worked out!!

Elisha and Scott said...

How fun. Glad you got to go. What a fun thing to do. Love the mimicking kiss.....too cute. And your "little" cute!