Thursday, October 29, 2009


Oh how we love SNOW DAYS!!
Yep that's right--it's not even Halloween yet and we've had one of the biggest snow storms we've had in a long time. There has to be at least 2 feet out there, but I'm no judge. You would not believe how much snow has fallen and is still falling. We've had snow for 2 1/2 days straight--without stopping. You would think it's Christmas time--it is just beautiful! And the best part about it is they've cancelled the last 2 days of school!!!! It worked out perfect to hang out with our cousins here from UT. The last few days have been endless playing, sleepovers, hot chocolate, out to dinner, movies, potluck breakfasts and lunches--you name it we've done it. The kids have been out in the snow everyday loving every minute of it. There's just something great about

Just look at that---you wouldn't even know that that is my car! CRAZY!!

Oh boy was it fun to dig it out!

Check out the roof---the wind has been blowing too, making some interesting sculptures.
most of the cousins trying to stay warm...


Emily said...

I took a picture the other day because it was snowing here and I thought that was pretty crazy. It covered the ground and stuck for a day... but oh my gosh... you guys got winter!! How fun! it is beautiful when it's so deep! I have a love hate relationship with snow :)

jensenfamily said...

good thing you've got your boat in the garage!! you guys got a TON of snow~

Shirlene said...

I can't believe all the snow!!! Wow. We have just had a little skiff, but it didn't stay very long. That is neat that it worked out with the Utah cousins there and all the fun time you had together.

Elisha and Scott said...

holy crackin nuts. that is a ton of snow!!!!! sad for not getting those snow days, but glad to not have to drive in it!

Rachael said...

Holy snow!How fun I bet the kids had a ball. I use to curse the snow each year but I could go for some beautiful white snow flakes right about now. Its HOT where I am!