Sunday, January 17, 2010

Camera experiment..

So my brother-in-law, Blake, is really good with cameras--not so much myself. I have a pretty nice camera, but I don't know how to use all the cool things it can do. These are just a few pics that Blake got when he was messing around with it. Amazing what kind of crazy pics you can get when you know how to use it--maybe someday I'll learn!

This was my first time trying these. They are known as cake balls. They are so cute so I thought I'd try them out--they were actually very easy and are pretty tasty too.

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jensenfamily said...

uh, I am handing over the dingleball making for Lake Powell, they are now yours to make, like everything else - Because it is TRUE! - Every sugar treat is better when Debbie makes it. I will bring the ketchup or something for my treat:) just kidding, I am going to find something bigger and better than peanut butter balls, cake balls and mazaltof. word - Erin