Sunday, January 17, 2010

Girls Day out!

My friend Rachel and I have little girls 2 days apart. They really don't have much of a choice to be friends. They will have to be friends no matter what--it's just how it goes when your Mom's are friends. It's a good thing these two little squirts love each other!! Jocelyn and Charly are the best of friends!! They are both at such fun ages where they are in love with anything princess! Rachel and I arranged for a day with the princesses at Disney on Ice. We got to go out to breakfast and have blueberry pancakes and hot chocolate and most important we got to see some of their favorite princesses. Let's just say these 2 girls were in Heaven! A dream come true. It was so fun to see their little faces light up when they'd spot another beautiful dress! It was good to get away from all the boy stuff and just be all girl for a day--especially for the chance to able to enjoy just Charly to myself!! There's just something about those sweet little girls!!

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