Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas morning

Another successful Christmas at the Jones household. I think everybody got everything they even imagined this year. We must have all been pretty good boys and girls!! We have a lot to be grateful for!! So sad it's already come and gone!!

Drake feeling a little embarrassed about his "boxer briefs"
he found in his stocking..he couldn't quite
believe that Santa would give him underwear!
(pretty funny kid--he was just cracking up when he opened them up)

Charly with her new "mirror piano" --the top item on her list!

I must have been extra good this year(I've tried for many years to be this good, so I'm glad Santa finally figured it out) THis was the most amazing gift ever!! I'm still learning all about it but am amazed every day what crazy things it can do!! I can't wait to learn more!! Thanks Santa---you're the best!!

2010----here we COME!!!!!

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Shirlene said...

What a great Christmas!!