Saturday, March 27, 2010


Brigham with both his grandparents

I realized in my last post that I didn't show any pictures of Brigg and Grandpa Paul. Grandpa Paul was awesome while he was here and really helped out a lot--that is around the house. He's not so much help with those newborns, it's been a while. But he's really good at fixing things--so boy did I put him to work. Let's see--he installed about 60 knobs on all of my cabinets, screwed in my powder sink which was about to fall over, installed our garage vacuum that we've had in the box since Christmas, and put extra screws in each of my kitchen chairs so they weren't so wobbly. I'm sure he could have done more, he was always waiting for the next project to do and probably made at least 7 different trips to Home Depot. Who knows when those projects would have gotten done if he didn't show up, we sure appreciated his skills. Thanks for helping us out Dad. Don't get me wrong--you were great company too, we weren't just glad you came just to fix our house. We sure love you Grandpa Paul! I even put my Mom to work too. She just loves newborns, so she was definitely a big help with Brigg. She also cooked dinner almost every night she was here. They stayed for almost a week. I had her bring her sewing machine too so she could sew a few items that were falling apart, she even sewed a bunch of buttons back on random things (yeah--I don't really know how to sew on buttons--or at least good enough where they wouldn't just fall off again). I could go on and on with all the wonderful things my parents did. It was so good to have them both here for such a special time. They are always their to support their kids and grandkids in any event in their life. They are already planning to come back in April for Brigg's blessing and then back in June for Drake's Baptism. How neat to be able to just get up and go whenever they want. They love to travel and especially love seeing all their kids and their families. We sure appreciate their dedication to all of us. We love you Grandma and Grandpa! See you soon!

Aunt Sarah came to visit as well. She got to just hang out--I'm sure it was really exciting for her-just staying put at the house-but at least we didn't put her to work. She was great too. She really helped to keep my other kids happy and kept me company as well. She came just for a quick trip and got here late friday night(-yep my Dad even drove to the airport and picked her up) and left early Sunday morning. She headed to Delaware that day for a job proposal--we're hoping that it went really bad so she won't have to move there. We will miss her if it all pans out. I think she is pretty excited for the change--if it does end up happening.
Good Luck Sarah!

3 generations

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Shirlene said...

It was fun to be able to be there at this special time!!