Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life after 2 weeks..

This is usually what my PRINCESS looks likes these days...good thing she's still beautiful even if her hair looks like a mop:)

Charly got a hold of the camera and snapped this darling picture of Wesley..

..and this one.

People keep asking me how it is with 4 and I have to tell them that it's been pretty easy. And only because of this(see below pic). This is usually what Brigg looks like 75 % of the day. I just tell them to ask me in few weeks when he's actually human and demands more of my attention. I'm sure things are going to get a lot harder as the days go by, so I have just tried to enjoy these newborn days and soak up every minute. Mike's family has been amazing these last few weeks. They have been so nice and have taken my other kids and had them for hours. It has been the first time I've felt like I can really enjoy the newborn stage. I have been able to take naps just snuggling up with Brigg and his soft breathing right against my cheek--there is nothing better than the sound of a baby's breathing right next to your face. Oh how precious is he!! I am just loving him!! He's still trying to figure out his days and nights, but for the most part just sleeps through them both, so hopefully soon he'll be able to go more than a 3 hour stretch during the night, but for now, I can't complain!

Now if it wasn't for this cute face, things might be a little trickier around the house. She has been amazing and I am more in love with this girl each day. She has been so sweet these days and I am just loving every minute of her and her cute smile. And what a great big sister she is with Brigg. She's constantly asking to have her picture with her little brother. Oh such a sweetheart!

Trying to crack a smile

Drake is loving having a baby around. He's especially feeling really big being the oldest and all. He feels really proud of himself when he can get Brigg our of his bouncy seat and carry him over to the couch. He has been so great with Brigg. We sure love our Drake!

I think Wesley took this one..


Shirlene said...

Cute pictures!!

Joy said...

Congratulations on your new addition! He is gorgeous!

Katy Steele said...

Deb, Brigg is so darn cute!! When are you coming to Utah? I NEED to meet him and you NEED to meet Boston! And I NEED to see you!!