Sunday, November 28, 2010

Halloween Festivities!

Drake decorated most of the porch this year all by himself...pretty spooky!

Halloween Party at Grandmas---gotta love the games and face painting!

Shaffer Elementary Halloween Parade...
Wesley as "the Birdman" on the Denver nuggets.
This is Drake's teacher--pretty cute.
and Drake as Dracula
and you can't forget our sweet little monkey!
Charly was so excited this year to be a BYU cheerleader. She would go around telling people, "I know how to spell BYU--"B" "Y" "U", isn't she so smart--she was sure a cute little cheerleader at least( I personally loved the costumes this year--I think I spent a total of 15.00 for everyone all together--did lots of borrowing this year and the kids weren't really begging for pricey costumes anyway--it was great!)

Oh wait--I forgot our superhero of the family.....introducing the real "BATMAN." Well he maybe wasn't the real BATMAN, but he was the BIGGEST BATMAN I've ever seen. He did look pretty good I'll have to say! I borrowed a vintage baseball uniform and wore my soccer cleats--the easiest costume ever! This was a great Halloween!
The Batmobile is off to the trunk or treat!


Shirlene said...

Love all your costumes!! They are great!

Elisha and Scott said...

Such great costumes. Love that you and Mike dress up too. So fun!

Emily said...

looks like a pretty spooky time! Love the costumes! Brigg is getting so big- I hardly even know him. We miss you like crazy! xoxo

Sarah said...

your little monkey is growing too big. All these costumes are great! Mike is intense for sure. I'm sad I missed seeing you this time around in Colorado. It was a busy Thanksgiving week. Hopefully next time!!