Thursday, November 11, 2010

St. George Marathon

Well--I did it again....I ran my second marathon. After telling myself I would never run another marathon again, I figured the best thing to get back into shape after having a baby would be just that. So the training began and oh how I dreaded it every morning. One of the hardest things to do at least for me, is starting to run again after having a baby. I was soooo out of shape it was pathetic. But after a couple months of figuring out how to run again, I started the training process with my good friend Rachel. She pushed me so hard which is what I needed to even feel like I could run 26 miles. She is crazy, and does everything she does perfect and gives it her all ALWAYS! So the only reason I even started this thing was because of her--Thanks Rachel for keeping me going!! The St. George Marathon this year was the hottest it's ever been, after a mile of the race I was already sweating---not good--when you still have 25 miles to go!! Needless to say the heat took its toll on me, I was just dead. I also had another excuse why I was struggling--I had some problems with the balls of my feet during training, so I ended up getting orthotics about 3 weeks before the marathon(not the best idea--but my feet were killing me) long story short..I should have purchased bigger shoes but I didn't, so I payed for it by running with a jammed toe for 15 miles. I always heard of people losing toenails from running, but never had that I know why. My toenail is still there but don't know how much longer it will be!
We had a goal to qualify for Boston, but after I realized that wasn't going to happen, I set a new goal to beat my first time. Well after I realized that wasn't going to happen either, I figured I should aim to get below 4 hours. So I guess it took me 3 tries to finish. I think my time was 3 hr 56 min. Good enough-I'll take it. And as I said before "I will never run another marathon again"(well unless I have any more babies I guess:)

I think this was the only time I had a smile on my face...and that was because I finally saw my hubby and baby at mile 21---way too long. He said he tried so many times to see us, but there were so many people and cars that he couldn't get anywhere! I was so bummed that I only saw him once--I think I was just really spoiled with my first Marathon in Logan where I saw him at every station. He is so nice to support me all the time, I'm sure that wasn't too easy trying to get around with a baby the whole time. If I didn't see them when I did, I don't know if I would have finished-there's just something about seeing a familiar face after all that way-Thanks Babe!

We did it!!
Brigg was such a good sport, he just smiled the whole time and
especially loved the airplane ride.


jkhuber said...

Great job, Deb! Running a marathon is a pretty big deal and now you have two to claim! So impressive!

Elisha and Scott said...

you're amazing! Brigg was what only 5 mo old? You are a superstar for running a marathon with such a young baby! Way to go! So proud of you!

Emily said...

Seriously Deb... you are my hero! what an awesome accomplishment! You motivate me to push myself harder you are always so positive and so good at accomplishing what you say you are going to do! Such a babe too! :) So glad your my sister in law! Wish we could hang out more-I sure love ya!