Monday, August 17, 2009

Aspen Grove

Thanks to my wonderful Grandma Andersen, we enjoyed another fabulous week at Aspen Grove this year. This is all the Huber Grandkids with Grandma Andersen---what a cute little lady! We love you Grandma! The kids had so much fun with all their cousins and the adults enjoyed a lot of free time and relaxing---What a great reunion! I think we had 150 of us total with all my Grandma's kids and their kids and their kids---craziness!!!Family Picture Day--
Drake with Eli, Jake, and Will in their groups singing their cheers!!

Mike with Glen, John, Matt, Barry, and Nate
finishing up their paintball wouldn't believe the
welts they got, and they still wanted more!
Eden and Wesley

Just hangin out

Wesley with his group.

My cute sister Carrie, and her newborn baby Emmett

Me and my four sisters

My wonderful parents!

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Shirlene said...

Aspen Grove, such a fun time. It really is turn that "Together is our favorite place to be!!!