Monday, August 17, 2009

Charly turns 3!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little girl. We had a big celebration in Utah with a lot of her cousins at Aunt Natalie's house. She was so excited that the big day finally came, she had been counting down forever. She is finally a big girl--potty trained and all!
Luke, Halle, and Charly

Tyler, Drake, Eden, Griffin, Layne, Halle, and Wesley

nice pose


Charly and her 3 fingers--she's still trying to figure that out

Surrounded by all the girls, such a girl party.

Loves her new dress-ups!

Our lovely little Princess!

Halle and Charly decided to try out her new make-up
We'll have to give her a few lessons when she's older.

So Beautiful!!

Charly is such a sweet little girl--when she wants to be, but has recently realized how to throw major fits. We always tell her to find her smile when she's grumpy and thank goodness it helps most of the time. She's a crazy lady--that girl. She is such a big girl now and makes sure she reminds me of that all the time. We love our sweet Charly and don't know what we would do with out her. She is especially excited to be a big sister in Mar. She thinks it's a girl, but she won't be able to find out until Mar since we are going to have a suprise this time--wahoo!!!


Shirlene said...

Such fun pictures!! I love it. And, wow, a surprise in March -- You are going to do a Stacey huh????

Kristy said...

What cute pictures! I can't believe how big Charly is getting! We sure miss you guys!