Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake Powell

Wesley on the Knee board...that's about all we could get out of our brave boys. Drake tried the wakeboard 1 time and gave up and said he was done. Wesley wouldn't even try it. I don't even think they rode the tube this trip. Charly was the one who did the tube and loved it. Don't know if we'll bring them next time unless they decide to toughen up and actually enjoy what Lake Powell has to offer. There is no better place on Earth...We love Lake Powell!Drake did enjoy a couple things...swimming and fishing. We couldn't keep him away from his new fishing pole. I think he ended up catching about 7 or 8 fish.As you can see the first thing he did in the morning was start fishing. He absolutely loves it. And his best bait was a piece of bread believe it or not. He was in heaven. Not sure where he got that love from? Poor Wesley had an accident the first day we got there(which I think was a huge factor in trying anything in the water---so he does have a "little" excuse) He was climbing on the rocks and a huge boulder fell on him and made him hit his ear on the rock and banged up his hand pretty good. The pictures don't really show how bad it was, we were a little worried, but he turned out to be just fine and enjoyed himself somewhat the rest of the trip. We're glad he got better!Mike took Gabbie, Drake and Wesley on a hike up the rocks and made it all the way to the top. On the way down they ran into a little opstacle. Mike almost fell into a ravine and caught himself by his harm into a cactus. It was crazy.....
AS you can see, his arm looks just like the cactus itself. You can't see it real well, but each little brown dot had about 100 little splinters in it. It was a nightmare trying to get those little painful things out!

He also got some nasty ones on his hand too, but still managed to fit in his wakeboarding and skiing runs later on. What a trooper!

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Shirlene said...

Wow, those were quite the accidents. Glad everyone is okay and that you had a good time anyway.