Monday, August 17, 2009

Farmington Reunion

These posts are a little outdated. Both these posts happened last June. I finally have a second to breathe and get some things done around here. It's been a crazy summer! They'll be more coming shortly.
This is the view of our Drive to Farmington, New Mexico. So beautiful! We had a great reunion there with all of Mike's Mom's side of the family. We celebrated his Granny's 90th birthday...What a lady!

Every reunion they do a talent show and I guess ever since they started doing this Mike and Natalie have acted out Phantom of the Opera! They were hilarious!

They had all the little girls go on stage and dance.
Charly couldn't get enough! So many cute little girls!Our Family with Granny
Drake and Wesley were getting a little bored on the way home.
They decided to paint there faces with chocolate.

We had a great time, it was a lot of fun seeing all of Mike's cousins and their families. Thanks to Leah(Mike's cousin) who arranged alot of the activities.

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Shirlene said...

A fun post. Beautiful country. I would love to see Natalie and Mike in their Phantom program!!!