Monday, August 17, 2009

California Fun!

2nd stop on our never-ending road trip---Lincoln CA.
We had a blast staying at my sister, Melinda's house. I don't think we did anything besides swimming and eating--what a vacation!! My sister Sarah, drove with me out to CA from UT, so that saved me!!! We were lucky to have her. Mike ended up flying out for the weekend and hangin out with us too! He and the kids had never been there before, so it was fun to have them see her place and all 6 of her cats. My kids couldn't get enough of her cats, funny thing is that we never saw half of them because they were scared off from my kids squeezing them all the time. They love cats, so they were in heaven! Thanks Melinda and Staci for a great weekend in CA!

Charly had no fear there and was jumping off everything
We're still trying to teach Drake to get rid of the nose plug
Wesley's taking flight

Me, Melinda and Sarah

Homemade ice-cream ---sooooo good!
crankin it...

and still crankin was delicious!

Charly with Melinda and Dustin

Wesley is very proud of his trick--supposedly he's flexing, but I don't think he realizes his muscles and everything else disappear. Too Skinny!

The 3 Amigos

Charly, Sarah, and Drake

Charly and Melinda

Charly with Parker--
I think he's as big as she is!

All three with Dustin

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